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Parboti Rani
Jan 06, 2022
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think insurance will cover this kind Whatsapp Mobile Number List of loss. The Wife of the Rich Mogul will ask for help in transferring money to your country. Her husband will killed in a coup or assassination and she needs your help. The email is similar to the Whatsapp Mobile Number List exiled Royalty. they appeal to your compassion and then your greed. You get counterfeit checks and they take your money and run. You Won the Internet Lottery, your name Whatsapp Mobile Number List chose from millions of email accounts to receive Millions of dollars. They ask for information and then start requesting fees MySpace, eBay, amazon which includes Whatsapp Mobile Number List any online stores that you have ever purchased from. How to Avoid Getting Scammed 1st: Never click on a link you get in a email. Phishing emails use the link to get you to their Whatsapp Mobile Number List URL to put your information into their database. If you get an email that looks real and requests information from you.,DO NOT click on the link! Type the URL you wish to go into yourWhatsapp Mobile Number List address bar! Use your favorites or password manager to go to the site in question. 2nd: If it looks too good to be true it your account was temporarily suspended Whatsapp Mobile Number List and complete information below to re-activate your account. This includes name, age, sex, address, social security, user name and password for that website. Another type of email along the same lines will have a URL Link that sends you to an exact copy of your log in site to your Whatsapp Mobile Number List bank. You log into your bank as you were from their website and you just gave the scammer your username and password. In a matter of hours, they can completely drain your account of all its money. Examples of Phishing sites I have seen in my email include banks, PayPal, gaming Whatsapp Mobile Number List sites, Facebook,

Parboti Rani

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